Fashion Overdrive: Order for Masks

As we zoom in on the fashion industry, deeply wounded by the global pandemic, it is only fitting that we shine light on the number of local artisans and designers who are now treading unchartered territories not just to heed the call for safety and protection but survival, above all else.

In it, fashion photographer-turned-protective garment designer himself, Rxandy Capinpin weaves an adage to the present fashion landscape, where art meets function in an age when health and safety take great importance more than the gloss and glitter.

“The situation, as we know it, is unimaginable. And as we go in deeper and deeper into this, the further we realize, it’s no fun and games. No one could have ever prepared for it. But all of us who are privileged enough to have the resources needed to take on the daunting task of ‘adapting’ to something we never thought would ever happen, need to face the music. Now, this becomes the litmus test of our character as Filipinos–no, as human beings,” Capinpin tells Rank Magazine.

And, as he paints the present in light and shadows, the message is clear, now, more than ever, in a time, of distance and concealment, we reveal our truest forms.

Facial mask by Joco Comendador
Facial mask by Vin Orias
Facial mask by Nicole Asensio
Facial Mask by Benj Rogando
Facial Mask by John Herrera
Facial Mask by Oz Go
Facial Mask by Proud Race

Produced and creative direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Grooming by Aldrin Jalandoni

Video by Christina Zabat

Featuring creations of

John Herrera

Vin Orias

Joco Comendador

Nicole Asensio

Oz Go

Proud Race

Benj Rogando

Fashion by:

Jace Quiambao

Miyama Uno

Benj Rogando


Aleksandr Edelstein

Esteban at Koral Management

Juan and Tomy at Ideal People

Geremy at Mercator

Bruno at Main Models

Vince at LScout Models